CaelusAM Webinar Series- Business under COVID— A game-changing year for the logistics industry



Caelus Spotlight- Investment Trends and Focus in 2021 
Finding high growth investments in a low growth environment


Wednesday 24th February 2021, 11:00am HKT


With year 2021 has nearly passed a quarter, the world is likely to return to growth despite the recovery will still be restrained by global impact of COVID-19. While countries are scheduling to start the vaccinations in order to resume economic activities, local governments have been implemented different measures to stimulate the local economy. However, the markets and industries are still under events taking place globally, such as the official Brexit, Joe Biden takes office as the US president, China’s 14th Five Year Plan, etc.

In this webinar, Caelus will share our house view on the current investment situations and future prospects of the global markets and industries. Mr. Felix Chau, Associate Director of Somerley Capital Limited is invited as our guest panelist for a deep-dive discussion on the investment trends and focus in the public and private market.


  • Economic outlook and market prospect for year 2021
  • Caelus house view on markets and industries
  • Areas and tools in private equity and public market that worth paying attention to
  • Risk alert in making investment decisions 


Presenters and Panelists:
Ms. Miranda Hsiao | Vice President | Caelus Asset Management Limited

Mr. Carl Chan | Co-founder | Caelus Asset Management Limited

Mr. Felix Chau | Director | Somerley Capital Limited

This event will be conducted in Mandarin. Video recording of the webinar will be sent to those who registered and/or attended in the days following the event.

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